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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Kink.com - Bound Gods "Hostel"

My newest scene with Kink.com/Bound Gods should be released pretty soon. I shot this scene with Tyler Saint. This was probably one of the WILDEST scenes I have ever shot in my life. The plot was taken right out of the movie "Hostel", so you can imagine how crazy this thing got. If you can't imagine, check out the behind the scenes photos below. If the mean cleaver, chain saw and blood drawing red meat does not give you the chills....Your a fucked up sicko and you should begin to pray! That's all : )

**You can click on the photo's to see a preview**

On a side note, Props to ChiChi LaRue & Stacy Bridges for singing their
hearts out in an unforgettable duet at Roscoe's in Chicago last night!

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