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Monday, November 22, 2010

Fan E-mail

I get many emails from ShaneFrostXXX.com from people all over the world. Most are just nice comments, some give their ideas of what else they would like to see, or changes made to the site etc. Some are negitave comments from bitter people, lol...Then, there is this one. I am not sure how "sane" this person is, lol...but I must say it gave me a chuckle. I did not respond to him, as I think he needs more than a responce to an email in his life, but I thought I would share. Why should I be the only one to have a good laugh today?! (Note how he used incorrect punctuation for almost every sentence, lol. If I had a dollar for ever " ," in this email, I would be set for life! Love it!)


To: Shane Frost (ShaneFrostXXX@gmail.com)
From: Dale (Usg2@lycos.com)

Subject: Getting Old


I got here because of your myspace post, I kept thinking to myself what kind of dude thinks it's cool to be famous for sucking dick. He's either retarded, or drugged, well the jury is out, one thing tho. is get yourself a reality check, cuz its not there, I mean there are beautiful people, whom make mistakes, and then there are ugly ones who try to be beautiful and make the same mistakes, but the difference is, beautiful people are forgiven, ugly ones are forgotton, which do you think you are ?


PS: If you look at his FACEBOOK page, he looks like he is a kid, or kid at heart. Go easy on him :-P


  1. He's a pathetic looser with no life!

  2. he doesnt even have friends on FB (just 5) so im sure hes some kind of jealous looser who cant find any dicks to suck so hes mad at u cause u actually can :)


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