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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fed-Ex Says NO to FROST & FITCH!

Todd Klinck, co-owner of Goodhandy’s on Church Street in Toronto, Canada attempted to courier a package from his local FedEx Kinko’s location. The destination: to Pierre Fitch a well known Gay Porn Star located in Montreal, Pierre left the DVDs at Klinck’s place and needed them back quickly. The Package: 14 copies of Playing With Pierre starring Pierre Fitch, Turk Mason and Shane Frost getting down and dirty in New York City.

According to Xtra.ca, there were 14 DVDs in a bag ready to be packaged up to ship. Klinck asked the person behind the counter which box would be best to use. Klinck says he was asked to take the DVDs out of the bag for inspection, but since the contents were gay porn DVDs, Klinck chose instead to tilt the bag so the FedEx employee could see inside.

Klinck doesn’t understand the problem. The destination was within Canada, Fitch is a FedEx account holder, and all the films are completely legal.

Klinck was told FedEx has a new policy under which they open all packages unless it’s from an account holder.

Peter Diamantakos, operations manager at the FedEx depot, where packages sent from Toronto go before being sent to their destinations, tells Xtra that packages attached to an account holder are not inspected. But, he adds, FedEx does have a policy that no adult material can be shipped.

Xtra also called 1-800-GO-FEDEX and spoke to customer service representative Sasha (he refused to provide a last name), who also confirmed that the company will not ship any adult material of any kind.

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