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Friday, December 31, 2010

Interview w/ Gay Demon

Coming in at 5'10" and weighing in at 150 pounds we have a true juggernaut in this biz. I know what you're saying - at 5' 10", he's not a huge guy, so how could he be a juggernaut?" Well, this guy has something not many people twice his size have; an 8 inch cock! Not to mention one of the most gorgeous asses I have ever seen :) Shane Frost is our guest here in the Gay Demon lounge. Shane, thanks for taking some time out of your schedule to join us here!

Shane: That's 5'8 161 pounds, but who is counting, lol. Anytime, thanks for having me.

Anthony: So how did you get your start in the adult world? When did you realize you could make a living doing something you really enjoy?

Shane: My best friend former RSS Exclusive Luke Hass was the first one to get me thinking about porn. He always said I should try it. I never thought I had "The Look" but one day I thought I would send out a few e-mails and see what happens. The rest is history.

Anthony: Now, I know you consider yourself versatile, but you've really gotten attention in the scenes you've bottomed in. Which do you enjoy more and why?

Shane: It really depends on my scene partner. I mean, if I am working with a guy who has a hot ass, I would love to fuck him for sure. If the guy doesn't have the best ass, or his "best asset" is his cock, lol... then I will gladly bend over. It really differs guy to guy.

Anthony: You've worked with Jet Set, Suite 703, Falcon, Next Door Studios... you're a busy boy. Is there any projects coming up that you can let us in on? Which studios has been your favorite to work for thus far?

Shane: You know, that is a tough question to answer. They are all so different when it comes to the "people behind the scenes." I have to say that Falcon, Lucas Entertainment and Dominic Ford are my top three studios to work for (Behind the scenes people-wise) The others have been great no doubt, but I have made some good relationships with people at these studios that make it special. Keep an eye for after the new year with Mustang & Falcon/Jocks...Some good stuff will be coming out including my self titled "Shane's Pool Party!" HAWT!

Anthony: When I see you performing, first I'm hard all the time just because you're a stud and are truly great at what you do. But you remind me a lot of Jeremy Jordan because you're a fantastic bottom but can fuck the hell out of someone too :)
Now, seeing the recent troubles Jeremy Jordan has found himself in, how does that affect you? What do you think is a big issue in the world of gay adult film and how can it be changed?

Pornstar Shane Frost's cock - from Lucas Entertainment

Shane: I think the biggest issue in the industry is people worry about EVERYTHING else except the one thing they need to worry about - themselves. On any given day you can log onto Twitter and see porn stars & directors voice their "opinions" about that they "believe" in, but then a few weeks later they will say or do something to contradict themselves. Guys are looking for that spotlight and attention, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Whether they subconsciously hurt themselves in the process or not is not a matter to them. This is just a job, not a life. Guys in the business need to realize that "porn stars" come and go... Who you are as a person throughout the ordeal is what truly matters.

Anthony: Seeing that Tommy ,D a fellow performer on Next Door Studios, retired recently along with Trevor Knight, how long do you see yourself doing this? Or are you having way too much fun right now to even think about it?

Shane: I always say I will know when it is time to go. I don't have that feeling yet. I am still getting work, I still have a good shoulder on my heads (says my man, lol) and I am having fun. When one of the three stops, then I know it is time.

Anthony: I've mentioned just how busy you are. Do you have time for a love life of your own? What are some of your hobbies when you're not performing?

Shane: I do. I currently live with my boyfriend of two years here in Chicago. He is the joy of my world and keeps me happy in this crazy life. Just spending time with him out and about or at home, that's all I need when I am not working.

Anthony: What's your ultimate sexual fantasy? Anything you haven't tried that you are just dying to do?

Shane: I used to say a gang bang but that has happened, lol. There are a few people I have always have wanted to wcork with, some I have ended up working with (Mason Wyler, Pierre Fith, Phillip Aubrey, Turk Mason), some hopefully soon (Landon Conrad, Topher DiMaggio). As for fantasy, I must admit, there is something about the "Brent Sq" (Corrigan & Everett) that catch my eye. I would love to be the special boy in a threesome with those two...One can wish!

Anthony: Who's one performer you'd love to work with that you haven't yet? Give me one you'd like to top, bottom, or flip flop with :)

Shane: Lol. As said above, Landon & Topher are up there. I am sure there are more, but we will stay with two for now.

Anthony: Is there one time on set that you have been turned on more than others? Who's been the one guy to really get you going?

Shane: Pierre Fitch is a crazy motherfucker. Enough said.

Anthony: Where can we follow you, Shane? Do you have a website that we can all whip it out too :)

Shane: Haha, I sure do! ShaneFrostXXX.com - I also can be down on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you so much, Shane Frost, for joining us in the Gay Demon lounge. Please don't be a stranger and come back for some more fun!

Shane: Thanks again, and happy holidays to all!

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