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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I am on the internet pretty often, and I come by A LOT of creepy and weird people, lol. Now its MY time to be creepy!!! While were were at the White Party last week, my BF saw a guy who he thought was SOOOOOOO uber hot, lol. To my surprise, I can across his picture today online! If anyone knows who the guy is on the right, LMK! (Okay, I am done being a stalker for this week!)


  1. I think I know who they are. Let me type in the link and you can watch them show their 'stuff'.
    http://www.machomoe.com/video/2361/whos-tougher.html. I think their name are (from left to right)John and Drago. I'm not too sure about their last names. Sorry, hope I gave enough info.

  2. Thanks Terence, but the two in the video are not these two boys...


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