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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cocksure Men: Scene w/ Drew Cutler!

I am still not really sure why my scene is called "Tap Flap" What is that? lol... I am afraid to ask, so I won't! In any event, below is a brief description of my scene with Drew Cutler from Cocksure Men! Entitled...Yes.... "Tap Flap" lol..... Enjoy! xo


A word to the wise: if you owe Drew Cutler an apology, be prepared to give your all before he’ll forgive you. Of course, if you’ve ever laid eyes on his huge cock you’ll know that saying you’re sorry ain’t such a bad thing! Shane Frost is smaller in stature than big, bad Drew but when it comes to sucking dick he knows how to open wide and say “ahhh.” Rarely have we seen someone as cock-hungry as the studly Shane is, and who can blame him when he’s got Drew’s super-sized dick to work with? There’s not enough time to describe all the hot scenes in this video but we especially loved the way Drew tossed Shane onto the bed for a lengthy round of 69 action. And when he preps Shane’s sweet ass with his tongue and long fingers, well, it’s what HD was made for. It feels like an eternity before Drew finally jackets up his fuck stick before sliding into Shane’s waiting hole. The head needs lots of room but much to Shane’s credit he’s able to loosen up and enjoy a plowing unlike any he’s ever had. Off course, all good things eventually cum to an end but in this case you’ll get to see this duo spray their loads up close and personal.


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