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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shane's Pool Party: FEEDBACK

Shane's Pool Party was recently featured in The Gay Porn Times. There was one comment that a viewer left that kind of bothered me, so I felt I needed to reply and set the record straight. Here is what he said, and then my reply. I mean every word that I said, and hope it may change his viewpoint on this situation or at least let him see another side to his story.


I’m genuinely curious about this; are you talking about someone taking a movie like “Shane’s Pool Party” and chopping it up for XTube, or actual amateur content with similar/better models and production values?


First of, JC, thanks for writing up a night blurb about the movie, I appreciate that. I did want comment on MrYawn’s comment as well. That comment could be taken both ways as JC states. If we are talking about the DVD being copped up on XTube, that’s not cool as well all know why. I have a feeling though he is talking about the product content of the video. I am very proud to have my name associated with this DVD. I only will put my name in something I believe in, and that will project a positive image, with a little (or alot!) sexual spice for the viewers! Shane’s Pool Party is my first self titled DVD, and I must say I am very proud of it. I think the content is amazing, the cast is SUPER hot and the flow of the movie is just great. Yes, you may not be “into” the models that are in this video, everyone has their own type, and I understand that. I will say though that if you are into the models that are in this video, the overall product is worth every penny! Each model worked their ass off (No “phun” intended) to make a GREAT and SEXY video for you guys. It may not be someones “type of movie,” but there is no doubt that these guys gave their all, and should be recognized. -They- are professionals.


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