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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011 Grabby CO-HOST!

There are many awards shows over the course of a year, but the Grabby Awards are know as the "peoples awards." The award show for the fans if you will. That being said, there is no other porn awards show that I would love to co-host then the Grabbys! Thanks to you guys, the fans, THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN ON MAY 28th, 2011!! Words can't describe how excited, honored and nervous I am all at the same time!! Whether you voted for me or another one of the 10 finalists, THANK-YOU for voting. It means a lot to us to hear your voice!

I am looking forward to May 28th, and I hope you can all attend this amazing event!

Thanks again and much love to all!


Shane : )


  1. Congrats sexy! You will rock

  2. I will see you there!


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