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Friday, March 11, 2011

American Idol 2011

I told myself I was not going to watch Idol this year after Chrystal Bowersox got the shaft last year. She was more then TWO times better then that other idiot and she lost. I still do not get it. Here rendition of Black Velvet was one of the best performances ever on Idol....but I gave in and I am going to watch again this year, as I love getting mad at America for having no taste in music. So, lets see how bad we can fuck it up this year. If he made it into the top 12, I would guess America would vote for that carrot top kid to win the entire thing. I was just waiting for that to happen! Okay, that being said, he is my take on the top 12:

I like ALL of the girls....The guys...Not so much:

Pia: BEST VOICE! Can she work the stage?
Lauren: BEST stage presents... like to other and a great voice

I think Pia & Lauren are the top talent for 2011.

Karen & Haley are great as well and can go far...
Thia needs to grow. Maybe in two years.
Naima...You CAN be good, but SHOULD have been voted off this week....

The guys...ehh..So over the guys...

Casey..NOT sexy...Crest whitestrips are sexy.
James...You are NOT Adam Lambert. So just don't.
Jacob: My ears still hurt, and STOP FUCKING CRYING! Man up.
Paul: I just wanna snap you in two. IDK why.
Scotty: AMAZING voice...but for Country Idol.....
Stefano...Yeah...lets fuck : )

So that's how I see it...Let's see how it goes town. Honestly, if any girl wins I will be happy...

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