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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2011 Bud Boyz Competition

Hey Guys! I need some help. I am in the running for the 2011 Chicago Bud Boyz competition. This year ALL voting will take place ONLINE! There are 12 finalists with 5 winners in the end (The 5 guys who have the most votes.) You can vote ONCE EVERY HOUR for EVERY email address you have! Everytime you vote, your are entered in a raffle to win $100 from Chicago Pride! If I win (end up in the top 5) I will personally donate $250.00 to The Trevor Project! If you can vote from time to time, and maybe post on your Facebook & Twitter pages so your friends can vote, that would be super amazing! My ass isn't doing so hot right now (I think I am in 7th place) so lets see if we can change that!

The link to vote is below. Thanks again!

2011 Bud Boyz - VOTE FOR SHANE!
You can WIN $100!

CLICK HERE TO VOTE----> http://t.co/kuSnv33

**Shane will donate $250 to The Trevor Project if he wins!
:::Please "Share" on your blogs, facebook & twitter pages!!:::

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