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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

THE SWORD Penis Enhancer Pills

Some of you have been telling me that you can't see the information about THE SWORD pills because my web site is flash. Below is the info about the Viagra like (but better!) pills that I distribute, and how you can order them. These are the pills that I use on set when I film, so I can say for a fact that they work!

The product I have is called "The Sword." I have taken both Viagra and "The Sword pills for porn videos. "The Sword" pills work better, faster (within 5 minutes if you chew them on an empty stomach) and they don't give you the side effects that you get from Viagra such as feeling flushed, congestion, or exhaustion. Best of all they are 100% herbal, no RX needed!

I offer them at:

1 Sealed Packages - 40 (8 pills) -Comes to only 5.00 a pill!
2 Sealed Packages - 70 (16 pills) *save 10* -Comes to only 4.38 a pill!
3 Sealed Packages - 95 (24 pills) *save 25* -Comes to only 3.96 a pill!

** Specials given if ordering 4 or more packages.

TO ORDER, PAYPAL ME (SHANEFROSTXXX@GMAIL.COM) the amount you would like to order, and I will ship them out the next day. You can email me for an invoice as well.

E-MAIL: ShaneFrostXXX@gmail.com


If you have flash, you can view them at SHANEFROSTXXX.COM

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