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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Latest Interview

How would you define a guilty pleasure?
I would describe a guilty pleasure as something you proboboly should't be doing, yet you enjoy it so much, you do it anyway.
Almost like eating an entire bag of chips!

Some of the general public might look at sexual acts as a guilty pleasure. Obviously this is not the case for you being an adult movie star. What are some of your guilty pleasures?

Sexual acts for me is equivalent to some guys writing an invoice in a cubical, lol. It's my job!
With that being said,
having sex in a bar, or public environment would be on of my guilty pleasures. Something about the freedom of just
"being all out there" if you will.

Do you have any super embarrassing guilty pleasures that you won't admit to? IE: Could someone catch you in the act of cross dressing and singing show tunes?
Haha, well I have yet to ever dress up in drag, and my singing is more of a death wish then a guilty pleasure. Lately, I have
been finding myself looking out of my windows in my high rise peaking into the neighbors houses, lol. Call me a voyeur (or a creep!)
but I like to watch people do things, especially when they think nobody is watching, haha!

What's the most compromising/potentially embarrassing situation you've been in?
I don't get embarrassed too often. I mean I've had sex in bars, on camera for years, with people watching etc.
My "core" if you will is pretty damaged from all the things that I have experiences, lol. So for something to happen
that would out right embarrass me would have to be pretty intense and incredible. I am sure I will tweet about it
when it happens! (Cough @ShaneFrostXXX Cough)

Are you ever turned on by being in a shameful position?
I never was until I did a few "Bound in Public" scenes with Kink. Some of the things they have me do is
VERY shameful, yet it is so much fun!

Why do you think people have hang ups about allowing themselves "pleasure?"
I think many people think the idea of having "shameful wild sex" is hot, but they would never do it
as society frowns upon it, and they just CAN'T be that "gross" inside...Can they?! It's the same thing for porn.
If I had a dollar for every time someone messages me on Grindr, A4A, FB etc with a negative "slut", "STD freak"
"Disgusting Shameful Person" comment, just because I do porn.... Yet I can guarantee that they in fact at some
point watch porn. Double standard, right? OR the ones that say "I never watch porn" Your a gay man...Reality
check. Maybe you do not watch it often, but to the ones that say nebver, I would like a lab tech to go through
their computer...People like to project the "wholesome" image because it makes them feel good about themselves.
I find it that the ones that are true to themselves, know who they are, knows how to let go and have fun with life...
they are the happy and polite ones. I find it that the ones that do not know how to let go, the close minded ones and
the judgmental ones. Those are the ones that are not happy in life, and nine times out of ten those are the ones
that a rude and quick to judge. It makes them feel good. I don't know about them but I would rather fuck to feel
good then to make fun of someone and judge...but hey, I'm just the "dirty porn star", lol

When was the first time you remember "pleasuring" yourself? (a.k.a. When did spanking your monkey start happening?)
I was young that's for sure, 10, perhaps 11. I would hump my bed because it felt good. I am not sure when I figured out
that my hand feels better then the bed, lol. I am glad I did figure it out though!

Did you have any teenage fantasies?
ANYTHING that involved Johnathan Taylor Thomas and me was pretty much a go. We share the same birthday, so
I was assured that we were soul mates!

Has age changed your opinion on any guilty pleasures?
Yes. When I was younger I used to be the one who would have these guilty pleasures, do them on
the down low, and then judge the people who would be open about their guilty pleasures. As time
went on, I realized I was a hypocrite and an ass hole for doing so. Now, I am just all out there!
You only live life once, so I like to live without regrets.

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