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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Magazine Interview

1. Where are you originally from? Where do you live now?
I was born in Hartford, CT. I lived there until I was 18. I moved to the Boston area for about 8 years, and now I live in Chicago, IL.

2. Sexuality? Gay? Bisexual? Straight? Exhibitionist? All four? I am gay. I have never been with a girl. I can't say I never will be with a girl, but I don't have any plans to at this time, lol.

3. What made you decide to do porn? My best friend used to do porn (Luke Hass). He always was trying to get me to do it. After I broke up with my first boyfriend, I needed money as I was living on my own now. Porn was the answer....

4. Do you remember your first porn scene? Were you nervous? Worried? I was a little nervous. I remember the guy had a very big dick and my butt hurt...alot.

5. I first saw you when you did a scene with Jeremy Roddick. Your bottom skills in that were rather impressive? Do you consider yourself a bottom? Any favorite positions? In real life I like to top more believe or not. I am versatile though. If I am with a guy and he is a top, I have no problem taking one for the team!

6. Your work has ranged from vanilla to kink. Does that mirror your personal life? Yes. pretty much. Sometimes I can be the loving boyfriend and other times you can see me in the street for Folsom well....I guess you will have to see for yourself next year.

7. What are your plans post porn? Do you plan to stay in the industry? I never thought I would be doing it longer then a year. I guess I will stop doing it when I am no longer wanted (Insert puppy dog face.)

8. What do you think makes a comfortable set? If the cast and crew are friendly, chill and nice, the day will be perfect. If you get a pushy/rude director and a diva co star, then the day can seem to last a lifetime. I have had both, but thankfully not too often.

9. Any advice you would offer to guys who are thinking about joining the industry? Stay true to yourself. It is a fun and exciting business, but it can change a person before they know what even hit them. I have seen many guys lives change because their heads got just alittle to big. Stay grounded, know your values and who you are, and you will be fine.

10. What's the one food you must have? Chicken Wings ;-) (Domino's are my favorite)

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