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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Greek Gay Magazine Cover / Interview

1.Hello Shane. First of all I would like to say that you are my favorite Porn Star. How did you get involved in the porn industry?

Hello everyone! Thanks for the kind words, that really means a lot to me! I grew up outside of Boston. One of my best friends
at the time decided he wanted to get into porn. He pursued it and eventually became an exclusive for Raging Stallion... He kept
telling me that I should do porn, but I never thought I would make it in the business, as I did not think I had the looks, or the body.
After awhile I decided to try it out, and the rest if history!

2.How long have you been in the porn industry?

Oct 2012 will mark five years for me!

3.Which was the first porn movie that you participate?

The first actual main steam movie was a Falcon / Jocks Studio release titled "Road Trip 5"

4.How many scenes did you make so far?

I couldn't even begin to tell you. My guess is 200? A LOT, lol

5.How easy is making sex in front of the cameras?
At first it was a little hard, but once I did it a few times it was easy....Piece of cake now wink

6.How do you achieve staying horny for so long in shooting a scene?

I try not to jack off for two days before each scene!

7.Do you earn enough money to live from porn movies?

Porn pays me pretty well, but I also earn income from my web site. I sell various products worldwide! Check it out! ShaneFrostXXX.com

8.Is it true that porn stars win much more money as escorts than from porn movies activities?

It's hard to say yes or no. Porn you get one flat rate per scene, that is more than your escort rate. That being said, you will maybe get
a handful of scenes at a time in porn, but the work you get escorting is limitless.

9.As an escort, what do you do if a customer is absolutely not your type?

The ones that smell, lol....

10.What do you advice all these young people who wants to make a career as porn actor?

Be true to yourself, and don't let it change who you are as a person. If you make it big, don't let that effect who you
once were...

11.In Greece, you have many fans. Do you plan to visit Greece in the next years?

I have NEVER been. I would LOVE to visit.. Call me smile

12.How does it make you feel knowing that people are out there watching you and pleasuring themselves while doing so?

Well, when you put it that way, haha. I find it kind of funny personally, because I am just me, little old me...So for people
to think of me more than that is weird at times...I've been doing this for five years, so I know how it is, but still..its funny tongue

13.So besides the porn industry what are you passionate about in life?

I love to travel...I love to dance (circuit boy here!), and most of all, I love my man wink

14.How do you imagine Shane Frost after 10 or more years?

I will be 40...Let's not talk about that!

15.Are you single or in a relationship currently?

I have been with my man for almost 4 years now.

16.What does the Chinese tattoo in you back means?

Fierce Rebel, Watch out for me!

17.Do you have any fetish at sex?

I love cum! Piggy sex for sure smile

18.What do you do if you don't like your partner in a porn movie scene?

Close my eyes and pretend it's someone else, lol

19.The size matter?

No. Not to me

20.Have you ever started a relationship with a partner in a porn movie?

No, I like the balance of having a partner that does not do porn. I don't want porn to defy who I am.
Porn is work, my home life is me. The fact that my man has nothing to do with the business is a blessing. He
is VERY supportive, don't get me wrong. It works out GREAT!

21. How important is Sex in your life?

It's not the number one thing I go for. Building my relationship with my man, spending time with him...Enjoying life together.
Having fun with a great group of friends that we have here in Chicago, as well as around the US...That is what it's all about.

22. A message to your Fans …

Thank you for all your love and support. Shane Frost is nothing without you...You make me, me...

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