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Monday, September 17, 2012


This is an email I received today.  Why are some people so nutso?


Hello Shane,I guess by no response to my last letter,everything I wrote was true?If thats the case then,this whole"nomination thing is of kilter and someone at the awards should know.If by chance you did'nt respond due to,not receiving it,you where mad at me cause of my previous line of questioning in regards to personal that you sell,or you caught ebola and have been in the hospital fighting it!.Other than that if you take me as a crazy fan-fine,cause iI am not I am more of a fan/collector.If in case that is how you judge people that ask a perfectly honest fair question,then by no meens should you have received the nomination,let alone the chance at an award.If I am wrong,Then I apologize from the bottom of my truthful heart,but that's the way you made me feel-hurt.,Sincerely,Me



  1. I was not aware that people could recover from Ebola. Someone escaped their padded cell. Stay safe Shane.

  2. I now star to think what did you're think about me ... ?
    You newer tell ...


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