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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shane Frost, The Interview

  1. Many guys dream of being in the adult entertainment industry. They think being a porn star is a dream job. What's the average day-in-the-life of a porn star really like?
Being in porn is not what one might think.  One may think it's just sex with hot guys....While this may be true, there is ALOT of work that goes into it.
Every HAVE to stay hard for 6-8 hours at a time?  Every get fucked for 6-8 hours straight, stop go stop go.  You may be ready but then your partner is not ready.
You both may be ready but the film crew is not ready...You have to have camera awareness as well as being aware of what you look like, what facial expressions you are making, what ones should you be making?  It's ALOT of work... If you are both into each other, THEN maybe the HOT SEX happens AFTER the scene is complete and you two are "washing up" in the bathroom! 
  1. How did you get into doing gay porn? 
 My best friend Luke Hass kind of talked me into doing it.  He had a web site at the time and wanted me to go in on it.  For over a year I said no, I was too shy and couldn't do it.  Shortly there after I broke up with my boyfriend and found myself in about 20,000 in debt... Shy or not, I did it, lol...And as they say, the rest is history!
  1. What do you think makes a good top? A good bottom? 
A GREAT bottom knows how and loves to take dick.  Pretty simple, lol.  As for being a top, it's not rocket science.  You get rock hard, stick your cock in an asshole and pump!  I've been with a few guys that I wanted to fuck me and they respond "I don't know how"...I never understood that...Insert & thrust!
  1. What advice do you have for guys who are interested in getting into the gay porn industry?
 I really believe that one needs to have a good personality and a good head on their shoulders to make it in this business.  That, or a good agent holding their hand the entire way, lol.   I've seen my share of "hot guys" that don't make it past the year or two year mark because they lack one or both of those two important characteristics.  This is a tough, cut throat business, especially when the cameras are off... If one is not careful, they can get lost in it all REAL quick.  I've been lucky to have a great Boyfriend for almost four years that keeps me grounded (As much as possible!) and true to who I am as a person. In a nutshell, stay true to yourself and who you really are...Don't let the fame, money or whatever it is change who YOU are.
  1. Before you go on set for a shoot, what things do you do to prepare? 
Well, if I am the bottom I need to "prepare" down there.  Now that I'm working out more these days, I like to hit the gym before my scene.  However, if my call time is at 9am. you won't see me at the gym at 6am as  I love my sleep.  Sleep is very important.  If you are not rested, your scene will look like crap.
  1. Bareback vs condom sex is a hot topic. What are your views and your personal policy? 
Yes, bareback is hotter to me.  That being said, one has to chose, bareback or mainstream condom porn.  Very rare will you find a model that does both.  I find that mainstream condom porn pays more and you get much more exposure, as well as it being "safer".  More exposure means more scenes. More scenes means more money!  If things in my personal life ever change, then who knows...But for now, it's mainstream porn for me.  Do I watch BB porn?  Guilty as charged!
  1. What is the hardest part about working in the porn industry? 
Working with people that you're not attracted to or working with models that have an attitude the side of Uranus (See what I did there, lol)
  1. What would you say is your biggest personal achievement?
I think I have a few different personal achievements in porn that stick out.  In 2011, the fans voted me to be the co-host of The Grabby Awards. That was just unreal to me.  I never even thought that I'd make it to the top 10, never mind winning the whole damn thing! The same night I walked away with two Grabby Awards! Brent Everett was the only other model to get two awards that night.  Between getting two awards in one night and hosting the awards show, I knew I made it after that night! 
Short story; My first award was "Best Solo" Scene" and my second award was "Best Cock in the Business".  I was up against some huge names including Brent Everett. I was SO sure that I wasn't going to win that I decided to change my outfit during the presentation.  I heard them announce the category and my Boyfriend goes "Ooo, maybe you will win this one too!"  I was like, "Yeah, Not! Listen to all those big names!"  And the winner is.. "Shane Frost"!  My mouth dropped...I didn't know what to do. I was WAY far away from the stage in my dressing room, NAKED and had lotion on my body that I didn't even rub in yet! I looked at him and was like "OMG, What do I do?!"  He's like..Uhm Pants for starters, lol.  That was a fun night.
  1. What are three things about you, which people don’t already know? 
I was brought up as a republican baptist.
I was home schooled throughout high school.
I LOVE WWE Pro Wrestling!

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