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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shane Frost - Made it?

Recently I did an interview with Canadian blogger Brian Webb...

The start of a new calendar year is a good time to look at the year ahead and set new goals. Goals are the way to get things accomplished and put new personal achievements within reach. Looking back, 30 year old gay porn star, Shane Frost, admits he has some memorable personal achievements he’s proud of.

“In 2011 the fans voted for me to co-host The Grabby Awards,” Shane explained as he recounted the events of his biggest personal achievement.

The Grabby Awards are presented at an annual gala night in Chicago, honouring the work in the gay porn industry. Awards include “Best Supporting Actor”, “Best Newcomer”, and “Best Overall Performer”.

While Shane was selected to co-host the prestigious industry awards night with hosts Dean Munroe and Tony Buff, he was also nominated in a number of award categories.

“I never thought that I’d make it to the top 10, never mind winning the whole damn thing!” Shane said describing his night at the Grabby’s. “The same night I walked away with two Grabby Awards! Brent Everett was the only other model to get two awards that night.”

Between winning two awards and co-hosting the event, Shane was certain he had successfully made it into the gay porn industry.

Shane’s won Best Solo and Best Cock in the Business.

“I was up against some huge names including Brent Everett,” Shane explained. “I was so sure that I wasn’t going to win that I decided to change my outfit during the presentation.”

As the listed off the names for the nominees, Shane and his boyfriend heard his name being called. “Oh, maybe you’ll win this one too,” Shane’s boyfriend said.

“Yeah, not!” Shane replied, thinking he didn’t have a chance and continued to change his outfit.

“And the winner is… Shane Frost!” said the presenter on stage.

“My mouth dropped,” Shane said, remembering the shocking moment he heard his name called. “I didn’t know what to do. I was far away from the stage in my dressingroom, NAKED, and had lotion all over my body that I hadn’t even rubbed in yet. I looked at my boyfriend and was like, ‘OMG, what do I do?!’”

His boyfriend joked back with “Umm… Put on your pants for starters!”

While not everyone is going to be an award winning gay porn star, it’s important to set goals in life and have moments to be proud of. What will you do in 2013 to make your year the best year ever?

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