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Friday, February 15, 2013

Thanks to all your help, we made it to the FINALS to host the 2013 Grabby Award Show ! 

If you guys have a moment, can you toss me one last vote !

The winner is going to be decided from the final six porn stars

Thanks so much!!

I wouldn't be in the final if it wasn't for my Frostitiutes!

Already a winner here!


http://www.grabbys.com/Voting2013.html  <---- br="" click="" for="" frost="" hane="" link="" this="" to="" vote="">

PS: The new Shane Frost Used Gym Gear/Underwear catalog is going out this week.  If you would like to receive it just email me back with "GYM GEAR" in the subject. 

Free Underwear Special!  E-mail me to find out more info!


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