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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Thoughts on Barebacking

 I'm very open about BB porn.  I think it's hot!  My thoughts are this. I live in America where one can chose to do what they want. That's why we love this country, because it gives us freedom to chose.  If one wants to do BB porn, great....The option is there!  If they don't, Then they don't.  I never judge people on what they do because it's their choice and they are free to make that choice.  Some people yell at me for liking bareback porn.  One, let's be honest.  It's HOT.  You may not "Like" it because of what comes with it...But let's be real..You LIKE it ;-)

That being said, people tell me all the time that bareback porn is killing our young people.  Uhm,  "Yeah, 30 years ago maybe, get with the times" is what I say to that.  If guys are doing bareback porn they either A) Already HIV poz and filming with another poz model OR B) They are willing to take the risk for whatever reason.  That's THEIR choice.  If someone doesn't have cancer but they start smoking does everyone go crazy at them?  No...You may get one or two people but for the most part everyone else is smoking so that's why they are now smoking.  They know odds are they will get cancer, get they still do it.  These are all life's guilty pleasure if you will.  It's 2013.  If someone just turns 20 years old and they start smoking, drinking and barebacking on their birthday, every day from here on out, they are going to die from cancer and/or alcohol related issues WAY before they die from HIV.  It's just a truth. I don't understand why people get in a tuff about guys fucking raw when a guy smoking or drinking is honestly worse for them.  Yes, if one is Neg they should try and stay that way by all means. That's just common sense.  That being said, people will continue to get HIV for whatever reasons.  It's not a death sentence like it was in the 70's & 80's...  Pharmaceuticals have come along way where a person can live their full life these days.  Just look at Magic Johnson, and he got it many years ago.  As long as someone is educated and knows the risks, to each his own.

One may argue that seeing BB porn will give young kids the wrong impression etc...Education, parents, teaching young kids etc...That's a whole nother topic for a whole nother day, lol...

Double standard.  That is the biggest #FAIL I see and read about these days.  "Don't be shady" that's what I say.  Just last week this guy from Adam4Adam messaged me "Can I bust in your ass"?  I checked out his profile and it said, and I quote "Guys I'm safe only and will never bareback.  I like to run, gym" yada yada.  Uhm, ok. 

The gay porn world is FULL of this.  There is one studio that tests ALL of their models for STDs.  Okay, great.  They won't hire you if you have done ANY BB porn in the past.  Fine. They've publicly noted they do not advocate BB porn what so ever.  Uhm, Pretty sure I just went to their web site, clicked on one of their affiliate partners and was just bombarded with 100 BB videos to buy for download...So you don't advocate unless you are making money from it.. Okay, Got it.

 In the end, I feel like people chose this topic to "judge others" to make themselves feel better for whatever reason...We should judge others less and worry about our own lives as I'm sure there is A LOT we can work on.

Just my thoughts though :-)


  1. I favor bb scenes when watching porn, and I just assume the models and/or studio did the correct thing and testing the models beforehand. If they didn't, it's still their choice to participate. In my personal life, I bottom very rarely. When I do, it's bb. I either have a discussion or I make a judgment call. I don't advocate this. To me, it's an act that goes beyond a penis in an asshole. It's almost a sacred union, and it comes with some risk.

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    1. Well Anonymous normalising bareback sex is kind of an oxymoron since that type of sex has to occur for a baby to get made so I would say it is pretty normal to begin with.

  3. Well said Shane.

    For the uneducated, sadly that is the hand they were dealt and it is what it is. We should not ban bareback porn because one uneducated gay teen might copy what he sees in a bb video and get pozzed as a result. We don't ban driving just because some drivers will end up driving drunk!

  4. today fucking bareback with an hiv+ guy who is undetectable and is honest about his status is safer than fucking with a guy who says he's neg but may not really know or is lying about his status.

  5. Kudos to you shane for standing up for you beliefs. Well said.

    BB porn is extremely popular, so their are a lot of hypocrites out there. I admire the honesty of bb porn. Not only are they not faking the uninterrupted sex scenes, they tend to use less gay for pay models, which is a total turn off to me.

  6. P.S. I'd rather see you barebacking any day than performing with that fake Cody Cummings.

  7. I'd love to see you in BB porn as a bottom for a group of older tops.

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